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What Is Revenue Enablement, and Why Does It Matter?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Revenue Enablement

Within B2B organizations, the best practices of sales enablement professionals are now being applied to support and empower a variety of customer-facing roles. Ultimately, the aim is to continuously improve the experience of buyers and customers across the revenue engine — whether they are dealing directly with the company or with a channel partner. What began as a limited exercise in sales training, sales content management, and internal sales communications is now being deployed as a far-reaching set of strategies across the organization.

What Is Revenue Enablement, and Why Does It Matter?

The goal of revenue enablement is to ensure that all customer-facing roles possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and process expertise and have access to the best assets to maximize every buyer or customer interaction.

Customer-facing roles include associates in marketing, sales, customer success, services, solution engineering as well as similar positions in channel partner organizations. According to the SiriusDecisions 2019 B-to-B Buying Study, B2B buyers have an average of nine human interactions before they make a purchase, and these interactions typically take place across a cross-section of 11 roles; traditional sales enablement functions empower not even half of these customer-facing roles.

In the absence of revenue enablement, alternatives include ad hoc training of customer-facing roles that are managed separately from sales enablement functions. This approach contributes to inconsistent knowledge sharing, messaging, expectations, and interactions for the customer, potentially rendering a suboptimal experience. However, with revenue enablement, organizations can consistently interlock the hiring, training, and support of customer-facing roles and deliver a more seamless and profitable buyer and customer experience.

Source - SiriusDecisions

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