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Formal Sales Enablement Charters

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Formal sales enablement charters

Formal sales enablement charters have a tangible business impact. Those with vision and strategy for sales enablement achieve 12% higher win rates and reported the number of reps achieving quota attainment was 35% better compared to those without. Organizational structure impacts the results of sales enablement initiatives. Sales enablement teams that report into a revenue leader had win rates 18 percentage points higher compared to those who report to a human resources leader. Alignment between departments significantly improved with sales enablement. Organizations with sales enablement were twice as likely to engage in formal cross-department collaboration. Investment in sales enablement by way of tools and time practicing is beneficial. Those that have had such investment for more than two years reported 13% higher win rates, 11% higher quota attainment, and 25% reduction in sales rep turnover. Sales Enablement PRO

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