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RPA Integration - People, Process & Technology

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

RPA Integration - People, Process & Technology


  • Connect appropriate IT functions as early as possible in the robotic process automation (RPA) timeline

  • It is essential to be provisioned access to internal networks, applications, and infrastructure early on, but it takes time and approval

  • Create a reliable channel of communication between the RPA developers and the project managers

  • Problems should be raised to the project managers as early as possible because if they linger without being addressed, they can turn into huge problems quickly.

  • Fully establish expectations for handover

  • If you plan to hand over a live RPA solution to a support team, you need to ensure that they are provided with full documentation as well as a process and solution overview.

  • Identify the support team early and align with their needs during the design and configuration stages


  • When automating a process, avoid deviating from the original, agreed-upon scope unless it is a consensus that has been formally signed off

  • This prevents misaligned objectives and wasted development time and reinforces the need for thorough planning

  • Make sure that the existing processes are fully documented and double-check important metrics and assumptions with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • Sometimes, SMEs may provide inaccurate or conflicting information that can go unnoticed unless it is cross-checked

  • A function not directly related to the implementation needs to be made aware of the impact it may have on the organization as a whole and the organization’s ways of working

  • RPA can have significant impacts on downstream processes such as volume bottlenecks


  • RPA objects and components should be built with reusability as a focus. They should be organized into libraries and centrally governed

  • This will help you avoid repeating work that has already been completed

  • Understand the interactions between supporting applications and RPA when it comes to development and testing

  • Make sure you not only enlist application-specific personnel when needed but also test a wide variety of cases to catch potential bugs or problematic interactions

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