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Sales Enablement Team

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Sales Enablement Team

When the very first State of Sales Enablement report was published five years ago, only 14% of organizations had a defined sales enablement team in place. Since then, the growth and adoption of sales enablement have been staggering as companies realize that its business value should not—and especially in the current climate, cannot—be overlooked.

In the past five years, the sales enablement function has experienced a 343% increase in adoption. While 62% have a sales enablement person, program, or function in place, representing year-over-year growth of 7 percentage points, an additional 13% plan to dedicate a person, program, or capacity to sales enablement in the coming fiscal year.

Sales enablement continues to gain widespread attention and maintains a trajectory for growth as a business function in the next year and beyond.

State of Sales Enablement Report 2020

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