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Virtual business enablement provides a unique opportunity to promote interactivity between teams

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The ability to conduct business virtually is a new, necessary reality and is likely here to stay. To drive agility among the teams that sales enablement supports, practitioners must quickly innovate to deliver impactful virtual enablement programs. For example, digitally onboarding new employees working from home is critical to sales success. When implemented effectively, virtual enablement can promote scalability and flexibility among sales teams that can set organizations up for success both now and long-term.

Key themes include:

  • Virtual enablement provides a unique opportunity to promote interactivity between global teams that might not typically connect through in-person enablement programs, for example, through digital meetups across geos. Laying the foundation for that global connectivity now when virtual methods are necessary will help teams maintain that alignment and collaboration in the future as conditions normalize, as well.

  • Sales enablement practitioners can work to ensure that virtual enablement programs are resonating and delivering impact by creating a seller advisory board. Through this, representatives across all levels and teams serve as advocates to provide feedback as conditions rapidly change to ensure messaging resonates, customer needs are being met, and the right competencies are being targeted.

  • Digital sales technology is critical for sellers to connect with customers and prospects and continue to deliver excellent customer experiences virtually. This means that enablement needs to prioritize seller competency around how to leverage these digital sales tools and embrace tools that provide enablement programs in virtual environments, such as onboarding.

As businesses need to find solutions for unprecedented challenges, sales enablement practitioners need to seize the opportunity to help organizations transform gracefully during a crisis and position the organization for success as it exits crisis mode. This is underscored through three key themes:

  • Digital Selling Requires Virtual Enablement

  • Revenue Alignment Improves Customer Experiences

  • Visibility of Business Impact Is Crucial for Long-Term Success

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