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When buyer enablement combines prescriptive advice & practical support

The shift to buyer enablement Gartner coined the term “buyer enablement” to describe the provisioning of information to customers in a way that enables them to complete critical buying jobs.

“Instead of deploying information to enable sellers to sell more easily‚ apply those same skills — combined with empathy and a deep industry and customer knowledge — to develop and deploy information to help buyers buy‚” says Adamson.

Buyer enablement falls into two categories

1) Prescriptive advice primarily takes the form of “do this” or “don’t do this” recommendations specifically designed to ease customers’ buying burdens across the six jobs.

2) Practical support represents the actual tools customers use to follow through on prescriptive advice.

When buyer enablement combines prescriptive advice and practical support at multiple points across jobs, it becomes a powerful tool for sales to drive customers to buy their solutions. Not only does information help customers perceive a job as easier, but the information also helps customers successfully buy a solution‚ reducing later regret.

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