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Content enablement strategy

Today’s enterprises need to measure everything related to their enablement programs — from the effectiveness of buyer-facing content to internal communications and training, to real-time buyer engagement — and do so through a lens of how each facet is working to transform the buying experience into personalized, productive, and mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller.

Organizations that can do this productively — and set up enablement programs and processes that efficiently take data and turn it into actionable insights — will succeed in transforming their sales and marketing teams into a unified commercial engine tuned to exceed expectations of increasingly sophisticated and discerning buyers.

Contemporary buyers are making decisions differently, and sellers must adapt. Nearly 90% of decision-makers agree that buyers expect personalized information to a greater extent than they did five years ago. After engaging in self-service research, buyers are more knowledgeable when they have their first interaction with a seller, and they expect sellers to meet them where they are in the buying journey.

Enterprises struggle to deliver personalized sales interactions. Despite ranking asset personalization as the top success factor for prospect engagement, only one in five organizations is very effective at personalizing sales assets. Inefficiencies and lack of data-driven insights abound; 70% agree that marketers spend too much time policing sellers’ asset use to ensure brand and regulatory compliance. Most firms are not looking at high-impact metrics to better understand which assets help accelerate and close deals.

The right software can accelerate sales enablement efforts. Sales enablement automation (SEA) can streamline workflows and increase collaboration between sales and marketing, respondents with SEA have seen improved collaboration. Additionally, centralized analytics can help organizations develop a more comprehensive view of what content is working and what is not.

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