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A Changing Workforce Means Changing Policies

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Do you allow employees to work from home? Would you allow workers to adjust their hours or shifts? How about telecommuting?

If you answered "no" to all those questions, it turns out, you are probably in the minority, and with recent news about the coronavirus, it is time to consider the options.

Flexible work arrangements were in high demand even before the coronavirus. A new generation of workers always on the move, surrounded by screens, and continuously checking in, urged employers to let them "be remote."

But now there are more pressing matters.

With a recent bear market and increasing concerns about the impact of a global pandemic, a growing number of businesses are grappling with how to pull off a remote work environment.

Even as employers attempt to provide more flexibility, there is a clarity gap due to a lack of official policies.

Small business owners need to institute, review, and communicate the policies for requesting or using flexible work arrangements, regardless of which designs are offered.

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